Was this meant for me?

Hi Greg,

As we continue planning for 2019, it has been become obvious that our Marketing initiatives will directly impact [salesperson’s company] overall performance. More than ever, our Sales goals will be more and more dependent on the success of our Marketing campaigns. In other words, we get it.

We’d like to understand your pain points and help you answer the following questions:

  • How can Parascript’s developer marketing strategy help meet the overall goal for lead and pipeline generation?
  • Is Parascript diversifying their budget in reaching developers. If [Salesperson’s company] is not getting a slice, why not?
  • Developers are hard to find for Marketers. That is by design (they do not like being marketed to). Are your current avenues for reaching them expecting them to come to your site or are you finding Developers where they live (DZone!)?

So I have some questions:

Let’s start with why do I care about your overall performance? After that sentence I was confused and completely turned-off by the pitch. I originally thought you accidentally left the another company name because I was sure you wouldn’t infer that I gave one iota about another company’s performance. In fact, the only reason I kept reading was to understand what this was – if confusion is part of your plan, you created it.

Oh, and you want me to justify why we are not giving you money? WTF?

Lastly, developers don’t buy our product – they may be asked to integrate it, but they are never the primary buyer and rarely the researcher.

So, you don’t get it.

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