No, I’m the one who is sorry

Subject: Truly Sorry for Sending You this Email

Hi Greg,

It feels hypocritical sending you an email about our platform, because our promise to our members is no ads or interruptions. But, there are only so many ways to spread the word on something new like this. So we appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Based on a recent Forrester survey of 100,000 line-of-business tech buyers: “more than half of the new buyers’ time is now spent on tech”

Jay McBain, principal analyst global channels at Forrester said “Their day job has now become their night job,” adding that more than half the buyers’ budget also now goes on tech.


“They’re starting to look a lot like consumers,”  – doing their research online before approaching vendor selection.”

The data above is why [company] was created. We wanted to build a platform where users can do their research online without advertisement or interruptions.

Theres [sic] no fee to join and we look forward to your feedback and thoughts.

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